Virgin hair weft 9A


Virgin hair stands for strands received from a single donor, without the mixing in of other human hair. Since the hair comes from a single donor, you are guaranteed to receive consistency in color of hair.

The hair is non-synthetic, completely natural, and is unprocessed whatsoever. As natural hair, it has high durability to heat and water, simply requiring the same conditioners that you use for regular hair.

The grade of this hair is 9A, which is considered excellent quality. The weft ensures that the strands don’t fall apart when the extensions are used. Shedding is definitely not a trait of this product. The hair extensions are usable by everybody. We recommend you pick hair extensions that match your hair color for the best consistency. You can mix and match hair colors are your own leisure of course.

The hair’s high grade makes it usable at events that require sharp looks. As a result of their quality, the hair extensions will be practically unnoticeable as alien! No one will know that you have hair extensions on! Care for this type of hair is required if you want to ensure longevity, and maintain its quality. You can contact us to get more information on the type of maintenance needed for the hair, or to get an appointment!

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