Statement silver tone £10


Statement silver tone wire wide tube cuff

It’s a wired and wide silver open cuff. An odd combination, but nevertheless an excellent fit in this case.


Wired cuffs tend to have the disadvantage of being disorganized in wire layout, showing skin at random intervals when worn. This cuff can mitigate this side-effect through the shine of its silver color!


Silver tones are one of the best you can wear as a cuff color. It acts as an excellent contrast to all skin colors, especially dark ones. This makes it easier for people to spot the accessory on you!


The design is very simple, making this cuff fit best in casual situations. You can wear this when hanging out with friends, taking a walk, or just for everyday use!


There’s a lot of detail lacking in this cuff, which means you’ll never have to worry about stones on your accessory falling off or getting worn out. There is a wholeness and consistency in color, making it difficult for color loss to affect the accessory’s looks!


Speaking of loss, this cuff is quite durable. A single cuff can last you for a long-time. You can wear two if you wish, one on each hand. This is an option we highly recommend to you!