Small shoulder bags £35


Red hollow double grab and go small bag – gold handles, inside zip, removable shoulder straps

A perfect bag with multi-carry features. This bag can be gripped, or used with a shoulder strap. You can walk around with it however you wish!


The straps of the bag are also removable. This is convenient if you want to change straps due to discomfort or accidental tear. The braces holding the strap are also metallic, which means that they won’t break from use, or dislodge your strap while walking!


We provide a highly stylish metallic grip for the bag. The handles are designed in a gold color, in addition to the bag’s pink. This makes it extremely chic, suitable for young women specifically.


Speaking of the pink color, this bag works well with many items in your wardrobe. If you’re used to wearing extremely light or dark colors, carrying this bag around with you should be a delight.


There’s also a frontal pocket available for quick item access. It operates with use of a zipper, and the pocket itself is quite small. It’s best used for holding minor items, such as a small phone, or your credit cards.


You can carry this bag anywhere, to professional events and casual ones too! In addition to being multi-carry, it is also a multi-purpose bag that fits well for any stylish woman!

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