Small satchel cross shoulder £30


Shoulder & Crossbody Bags

Single strap, for :Casual wear

Cover magnetic closure

Cell Phone Pocket,Interior Zipper Pocket

A small single strap classy bag you can take with you anywhere. It’s not the most practical in size, but it is the best in looks.


While it is meant for shoulder wear, you can carry this bag around by using the strap for gripping. This can be quite convenient when you lack space to maneuver.


This petite bag is something you’ll want to take along to parties, ceremonies, or to a night out. This bag is not meant for office jobs and professional commuting.


We offer a black colored bag with gold plated magnetic closures. The magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close the bag fast, getting the items you need instantaneously. This bag after all wasn’t made to give you a hard time.


You should preferably use this bag for small sized items that you want to carry around. You can add in your smartphone, a purse, and possibly a pepper spray can!


This bag is made from faux leather. The material is highly durable, lasting you a long time. Additionally, you won’t be loading too many items into your bag, which means that the fabric won’t be stretched. This bag should last you for ages, if not for a few months, then maybe a year or 2!

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Black, Purple, Grey, Pastel pink


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