Silver tone zig-zag £10


Silver tone zig-zag gappy cuff bracelet

We usually don’t include awkward designs into our selection, but we just couldn’t resist putting this on store. Here, you get a silver tone zigzag cuff that costs you only £10.


The silver tone of this cuff is absolutely brilliant. A lot of our cuffs are gold toned, but the silver tone you see here has a lot more shine to it. It almost looks like a diamond coated cuff if you think about!


The extra shine is fantastic if you want to wear this out for the bright lights. It also makes the accessory very noticeable, which is what they were made for anyway! It’s simplistic in design, which is a bonus if you’re trying to show it off on purpose.


After all, nothing looks better than a minimalistic eye-locking accessory!


You can wear this anywhere, and at any time. The bright silverfish color goes well with neutral gray, white, or black outfits. This makes it perfect for both casual and professional settings!


This is an open cuff bracelet, so if your hand and wrist sizes are small, you may struggle to wear it without slipping. If you’re not sure if this cuff will fit you for wear, we recommend you call us to check!



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