Open cuff gold tone £10


Open cuff gold tone diamanté bracelet

A perfect gold tone open cuff bracelet for wear! This cuff is simple in design, yet fits really well as a stylish accessory!


What’s awesome about this cuff is that it’s easy to notice, yet lacks a lot of unnecessary details in design! The cuff is quite symmetrical, perfect for wear on two wrists if you wish!


The gold tone of the cuff is combined with diamante stones to give it a precious stone look. Looking at this cuff immediately evokes thoughts of ancient royalty garments, which makes this perfect for a high class look at any event you attend!


You can also wear this for everyday use, but we best recommend it for “special social situations”. After all, you don’t want this accessory to get ruined from long-term use!


Open cuffs tend to be hard to wear for many people. There’s always fear that they’ll slide out of your wrist if they’re not tight enough. Speaking of tightening of course, there is no clip belt or bracelet clasps to hold the accessory at the ends.


Thus, as a general rule, we recommend this bracelet only if your wrist and hand sizes can hold it naturally, without slipping. You can always contact us for information on that through a consultation if you’re not sure!



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