Necklace choker £8


braided leather choker necklaces / bracelet

A braided leather necklace choker that you can wear anywhere, at any time. Its price tag is also at £8 only!


Since it’s made from braided leather, this necklace choker is highly comfortable for use. Leather is a naturally soft fabric to use on skin, making this necklace perfect for prolonged wearing. Also, the braid ensures that the necklace does not pierce into your skin while worn, adding to the comfort.


Braided leather necklaces are naturally durable to wear and tear. You can buy this necklace choker, knowing well that it will last you a longtime. This is an excellent advantage, especially if you’re someone to enjoy sticking to an accessory for a very long time!


This choker is red in color, so expect this to be something you’ll wear for casual events. You can wear this for a hangout, at a nightclub, or for simple everyday use! Simplicity and comfort are what you’ll get with this choker.


This necklace choker also doubles as a bracelet! This is all for £8, where you get a 2-in-1 deal when wearing this! If you are getting this choker to wear as a bracelet, we highly recommend you get two of them. One on each hand will definitely go well!



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