2 Necklace choker £12


braided leather necklace choker with diamonte this choker can be a bracelet as well

Another necklace choker we offer at our stores. This one is easier to use, and is much more fancily designed than others we have in stock.


This chocker is black in color, lacked with diamante designs (not actual diamonds). The woven designs stand out fairly well, making this choker suitable to wear with chromatic jewelry.


Those chokers also double as bracelets. With two of them, you can wear one on each hand. They act as a perfect fit if you need to match hand jewelry.


The chokers we offer here balance between price and quality. You pay £12 for 2 choker/bracelets. Yet, they’re both made from leather.


The leather used for the chokers ensures longevity when used. Leather is highly resistant to stains, being easy to clean if affected by dirt and polluting substances. The black color ensures that the chokers do not lose their aesthetic appeal due to stains easily.


We offer other choker designs at our store if you wish to try on. Same leather, but different style of wearing. The other chokers we offer do not feature braided designs, but they’re thicker, thus being more suitable for event use.


You can use this choker/bracelet for a variety of occasions. You can wear this for events, and even casual hangouts!


Product Description

braided choker/bracelet, black and red.


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