2 Necklace choker £12


hammered ring, leather choker necklaces and also another lace up leather choker

Some of the cheapest yet quality necklace chokers you can find online. We provide you with 2 different types of chokers to suit your needs of comfort.


The first is a non-lace choker, easy to close when worn. The second is a lace-up choker, which is slightly difficult to use, yet lasts longer for the wearer. You can adjust the lengths of the chokers to suit your needs, which makes them suitable for many different neck sizes.


The chokers are made from leather, making them highly durable to damage. Leather materials are naturally sturdy against sweat, which may damage other types of necklace chokers.


They are also black in color, suitable for wear with jewelry. The dark colors of the chokers help in adding more glamour to your already shiny jewelry pieces.


A metallic hanger is provided with a silvery color. The hanger doesn’t rust or lose its color over time.


Both chokers are quite stylish, and are very easy to use. We provide a lot of jewelry pieces in our store that you can wear with those chokers.


You can wear those to any event where you need to be stylish, or you can alternatively gift those chokers to your friends who may appreciate them!



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