Mash wire cuff bracelet £10


Mash wire cuff bracelet with a statement black stone

The picture of the wire cuff gives off the impression of a ring. This cuff comes with a large black statement stone that goes right on top!


It’s a perfect and simplistic design for a cuff. This is not something you’ll be wearing to attract excess glamour. It works well as a true accessory for an event where you’ll need to look classy.


The wire mesh for this cuff comes with a silvery color. This provides an excellent contrast to your skin color, especially if you have a darker complexion. Silver mesh wires make the skin under the cuff less noticeable due to the metallic shine.The black statement stone also aids in the skin distraction process.


This mesh cuff also lacks in detail that you’ll find in a lot of wire cuffs. Detail in a wire cuff makes it look somewhat inconsistent for wear.


A lot of mesh wires you’d find online tend to look like hair nets. Regardless of color, they don’t look quite stylish when worn, seeming a little tacky. This mesh wire cuff completely solves the problem, where you’ll notice that the wire thickness is greater than normal!


If you’re looking for simplicity and style in a low cost cuff, then this item is for you!



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