Marble Clutch bag with gold casing £20


Admittedly, while we are calling it a bag, it looks more like a purse. This is definitely not the type of bag that you’ll carry around in a professional environment. Professional environments require a lot of space in a bag for that.


This is a clutch bag that’s meant for night outs! This bag should at most fit your phone and credit cards (maybe some tissues). You’ll want this bag if you’re heading to the movies, a date, or simply hanging out in a night club.


The casing of this bag is coated in gold, in addition to the glittering black design of the fabric. It really screams use for night outs after all!


It’s not expensive, only costing you £20. This is probably one of the cheapest bags we offer at our store, a fitting price considering its small size. Regardless, it was meant for aesthetics, and it excels in that aspect.


Convenient to open and close, you can grab any items inside on the fly. There are no delays as a result of sifting deep into the bag’s pockets!


Of course, if you’re looking for a deeper bag, you can always check out other items we have available at our store. Maybe you’re looking for something that’s a little practical?

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