Hollow silver cuff bracelet £10


Hollow silver cuff bracelet with white stone and diamanté

We offer a lot of jewelry designs here that have a simplistic vibe to them. This one goes against the grain though. If you’re one to favor a flashier design that intrigues eyes, this cuff is definitely for you!


This cuff uses silver for its design, coated with a lot of diamante stones of varying sizes. The design is far from symmetrical, with oval carvings that differ in shape and size! It looks more like a hidden treasure of an ancient civilization!


The silver design with the white stones makes this cuff shine perfectly with lighting around. From your entire attire, this cuff will be difficult to not notice. With chromatic coloring, most would be hard-pressed to describe it as a mere accessory. This is definitely a cuff that can change your entire appearance!


It’s also quite inexpensive for its beautiful design! For a measly £10, this cuff is entirely yours for use! You can purchase 2 of those if you wish, one for each hand!


You can wear this anywhere, but we’d recommend this cuff for very special events. You want this accessory to be memorable when you wear it. As we all know, a beautiful accessory worn for too long loses its appeal!



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