Gold tone cuff bracelet £10


Gold tone cuff bracelet with pearl end

This is a gold tone cuff with a pearl end. Looking at the design, it’s slightly smaller than the average cuff in diameter. If you have thick wrists, you could always give us a call to check if it fits you.


The pearl finish and the diamante design at the end adds a royal theme to this cuff. Looking at it kind of reminds you of a royal outfit, doesn’t it?


It’s also quite stylist to wear. Simplicity has always been the best way to impress at any location. This cuff combines simplicity in design, and a royal style for a very classy look!


The color is bright gold toned, which makes it perfect to wear to any event (especially if you have a light wardrobe). You can definitely wear this for your normal everyday life too, whether it be for a hangout, or simply to have something good to look at when you’re home!


We personally recommend you get 2 pieces of this bracelet, one for each wrist! The symmetrical look will go a long way with you.


The pearl finish is also something we don’t feature in many of our products. This is indeed a unique product, costing you only £10 per piece. So why not get your cuff bracelets now?





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