Gold bracelet £10


Gold bracelet with statement white stone

An elegant piece of jewelry that will cost you only £10! For the glamorous detail in design, you indeed do get a great deal on this bracelet.


This gold bracelet is somewhat small, which means you may struggle to fit it around a thick wrist. If you’re not sure about the bracelet’s fit, you can always contact us to check up!


This bracelet is embroidered with statement white stones, giving it an excellent shine on your hand. This is the type of bracelet you should wear during daytime, especially if you want to show off excellent jewelry pieces.


We recommend care when using this bracelet though. Care is especially necessary when cleaning, since the white stones can dislodge from the bracelet with too much force.


Considering the delicateness of the bracelet, we would recommend you best save it for occasionally impressing people. Everyday use is not recommended here. You can use this anywhere though, whether you have guests at your home or attending a conference.


If you’re looking for a much simpler design for everyday use, we offer a lot of those in our store. We’d be delighted if you checked out our collection, with the best deals you’d find anywhere online!



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