Geometric, silver tone c shape £10


Geometric, silver tone c shape design cuff bracelet

Most of the cuffs we offer in our store are gold in design. This one is a rule breaker, where we’re offering a silver tone instead of a gold one this time.


The design of this cuff is geometric and c-shaped. The c-shape allows for a quick fit and lock, making this a “utility bracelet” that nevertheless is extremely beautiful. The geometric design involves lattice work that adds style to the accessory.


This is a bracelet that combines utility and style at the same time. All for a measly £10 of course!


The silver shine makes this item quite heat resistant, in addition to being easy to clean. With a consistent color, you don’t have to worry about mismatch with your clothing. You can wear this with any clothing you like, and it will look good!


We recommend this item for locations where you need to be at your best. This is an item that looks like something you’ll see on a celebrity during a red carpet event.


Of course, you’d have to get 2 instead of 1 for a symmetrical fit. This is something we highly recommend for you!


If you don’t find this design to be fitting, you can always check out our store for other accessories you can use. Maybe you need something that is more gold-toned and less complex!



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