Butterfly cuff bracelet £10


Butterfly designs have always been beautiful to wear. This bracelet to be specific is a cuff, covering the entirety of your wrist. This is one of the more noticeable cuffs to wear, which is easy to show off wherever you go!


This cuff is £10 a piece. If you’d like 2, one for each wrist, you can always purchase a second one! Wearing one cuff on each hand provides a beautiful symmetrical look to your persona!


This cuff features a light gold color with 10 diamante buttons laid out towards the middle. This is a perfect cuff to wear for any event attendance, or for simple everyday stylishness!


The cuff is designed to combine comfort in wear and an excellent design. The cuff is wide enough in size to fit the average wrist without being overly restricting when worn. Also, the edges of the design are slightly blunted to ensure lack of skin damage on wear.


We feature other bracelet and cuff designs in our store. Others are simpler than the butterfly cuffs we offer here. If you’d like to learn more about what fits you best (in relation to your wardrobe), you could always give us a call for an appointment!





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