Ombre 1b/30 Virgin Brazilian human hair £35


With this product, you get top quality human hair that doesn’t shed on use. Cut directly from young women, the hair is durable, able to sustain different hairstyle shaping procedures. You’ll rarely have to worry about getting backups, unless you’re looking for a different color.

The hair is lightweight, at 100 grams. Natural human hair ensures that you do not suffer from allergies related to synthetic fabrics, or non-human hair in general. Can also be used by those with ethical concerns on hair aesthetics and animal rights supporters.

  • Softness and silkiness ensures that conditioners can be used at a minimum. Regardless, you can still curl the hair, bleach it, and style is as you fit. Suitable for hair.
  • Features of the product include weft hair extensions at 14 inches.
  • Increased hair density from hair wefts adds color intensity to the extensions.
  • Reduces the needed for smoothing shine products and conditioner liquids.
  • The hair extensions are easier to maintain, with the high quality ensuring a lack of raggedness.

This product’s hair style comes in a spiral. Best if you want to adopt a classy hairstyle that is suitable for even goers and socializers. The extensions are easy to curl for convenience at home or at professional events. The dark color is suitable for all skin complexions.

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