Belts £10


chunky black leather finish belt
description: elastic belt fits waist up to size 18.

Front tie bow waist belt
description: elastic belt with front leather finish. will fit waist up to size 18

Metal plate waist belt
description: elastic belt with a gold front metal plate. will fit up to size 18

This is a leather belt that is highly durable for wear. You can wear this waist belt pretty much anywhere. With the dark color in consideration, you can wear this with almost any color. This belt is also equipped with gold colored buttons as a metal plate. The brown and gold combination provide an earthy theme to the belt.

As a belt that will last you long and far, you can wear this to almost any location where you need to present a classy image. You can wear this at professional events, seminars, conferences, and meetings. You can wear this at night-outs, dates, clubs, or any social event.

As a word of warning though, waist belts in general are uncomfortable for long-term use. You’re obviously not going to wear this specific belt for home!

We highly recommend you mix and match this belt with some of the accessories we offer on our websites. We provide handbags that may perfectly match with this item!

The belt works for waist sizes up to 18, accommodating a wide range of body sizes. If you’re not sure about belt metrics and how they switch in tape measurements, then you should definitely research that aspect of your fashion.

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