Back packs £25


Are you a student in academia? Maybe you’re still in high school. Regardless, this backpack is the perfect item to purchase for academic use.


It’s made of leather, a highly durable item that can sustain heavy books and files. This bag can endure long stress, being resistant to tear, wear, and stretching.


This bag features 2 side and 1 frontal pockets. This allows for easy access to personal items, without having to go through prolonged sifting in the main space of the bag. You can easily store your money, purse, phone, and other handy items that you’ll need on the fly!


The bag itself is characterized by a tall design, allowing for the storage of writing material and paperwork. You can take this with you in professional settings, of whenever you need to carry extensive documentation.


You don’t have to use this bag exclusively for academia though. You can also use it for other purposes, such as casual hangouts and socialization.


This bag is perfect for picnics, walks, and the occasional supermarket errands. Convenience is always a feature of backpacks, and this one is not an exception.


The pink color and leather fabric gives this bag an excellent shine during daytime. This bag will turn heads as you walk with it to any location!



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