Not a lot of fashion stores pay attention to two valuable items that should be in your wardrobe. Those would be gloves, and belts.


We offers belts (and also belt plates) that are highly stylish, and will last you a long-time. Belt plates are vital for days when you need to be in trousers. They’re an excellent addition to your wardrobe that adds a noticeable touch to your waist.


The belt plates we offer here are gold plated, which is not a color you’ll find in many stores. Perfect for jeans and dark-colored trousers too!


If you’re not sure whether a specific belt would fit your wear, we recommend you contact us to check for your size! You don’t want to purchase an item that ends up being unusable to you!


We also offer a set of gloves that you can purchase for events (or cold weather if you’re practical). Wearing gloves as a fashion habit is perfect for protecting the smoothness of your hands. It’s also an excellent way to protect your nail’s color (if you’re using nail polish). Wearing a glove ensures that the polish doesn’t get scratched off.


If you’re going to get a glove set, we also recommend you check out our jewelry sections. Bracelets and cuffs may be a better option for your wardrobe. Be sure to compare, where you can always ask us for advice by contacting us!

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